01 History

Where the name Pertinace is coming from?

Our winery is located in Località Pertinace, in Treiso, in the heart of the Langhe hills. This area is also known as the birthplace of Publio Elvio Pertinace, roman emperor, historically recognized as leader of great moral and value and as a honest man. The values of the emperor inspired Mario Barbero and his friends/partners, in 1973, to establish the winery and give it such an important name recognized today internationally.

The focus of the production is mainly Nebbiolo based, ideal for the production of the famous Barbaresco.

Over the years, production and sales have recorded notable growth, leading us to significantly expand the structure: the cellar, the wine-shop and the packaging department have been extended to accomodate the growing demand, guaranteeing the same quality that has distinguished us from the beginning.

Pertinace, originally with 13 members all coming from the Treiso area, today is a cooperative with 20 members. Our goal is the cultivation of superior quality vineyards, to offer labels of great prestige and elegance to the market.

02 Production philosophy

The wines of the Pertinace winery are part of the purest Piedmontese winemaking tradition: starting from the attention to the vineyards, looked after personally by the members, up to the winemaking and aging processes.

The production and aging areas of the cellar are a pure reflection of its production philosophy: high steel tanks for the vinification are added to large Slavonian oak barrels, from 40 to 100 hectoliters, where aging takes place.

All the three MGA – Castellizzano, Marcarini and Nervo- and the Barbaresco Classico DOCG are produced following the same rules: separately, they rest about 18 months in large Slavonian oak barrels. From here, three wines with very different characters are born, characterized by the differences in terroir as a reflection of accurate and dedicated work in the vineyard. Pertinace stands out as a remarkable Barbaresco, Langhe Nebbiolo and Barbera d’Alba producer. Besides, it pays particular attention to the Dolcetto d’Alba production.

03 Vineyards

Starting from Alba, the capital of the Langhe, going up towards the hills of Treiso and Barbaresco, harmonious expanses of vineyards that seem combed by the breeze wind along the entire route. The rows are looked after with exceptional attention and are aesthetically perfect. It is precisely in this natural context that, every day, our members regularly work the 110 hectares of Pertinace’s winery vineyards which extend in the province of Cuneo, around the municipalities of Treiso, Barbaresco, Alba, Neviglie, Piobesi d'Alba , Magliano Alfieri and, in the Asti area, in Agliano Terme.

The Treiso and Barbaresco vineyards provide the grapes for the production of Barbaresco DOCG: a wine that comes from blends of grapes from various prestigious MGAs and produced in approximately 100,000 bottles.

We are masters in Barbaresco winemaking and in our collection, in addition to the Barbaresco DOCG, we produce three different Barbaresco MGAs which are among our most loved and appreciated wines throughout the world.

Treiso’s municipality MGA, the Castellizzano vineyard has a south-east exposure and is located in the vineyard area oriented towards Neive. Characterized by gentle slopes and at times almost flat, the untraditional conformation of the soil of this vineyard gives a Barbaresco of great personality, freshness and character, with intense aromas of ripe fruit and sweet spices. An elegant wine with a complex structure and harmonious flavor.

Treiso’s municipality MGA, the Marcarini vineyard has a south-west exposure. The nebbiolo grapes coming from the Marcarini vineyard, after the vinification, produce a Barbaresco with an intense garnet red colour, well balanced and soft, with spices and dried fruit hints. The visit to the Marcarini vineyard is a magnificent experience for daring souls who are not afraid of heights and cliffs: the path through the rows, steep and uphill, made in 4WD aboard our Wine Safari offers intense emotions and a glimpse of the territory of Langa out of the ordinary.

The third MGA of the municipality of Treiso. Facing south and mark out by steep slopes, the Nervo MGA vineyard offers a robust Barbaresco, which lasts over time, characterized by ripe fruit aromas and sweet spices. The colour is an intense garnet red with ruby reflections that are not lost during bottle aging.

04 Brand

In the rolling hills of Piedmont, where the sun kisses the vineyards and the earth breathes history, stands the Pertinace winery. Founded in 1973 as a cooperative, this winery represents the union of small winemakers, united by the passion for wine and the desire to share their knowledge and resources to produce extraordinary wines.

Each bottle of wine produced by Pertinace winery brings with it the legacy of centuries of dedication and passion. Each sip tells the story of the hands that have cultivated and cared for the vineyards, of the minds that have refined the winemaking techniques, of the souls that have transformed grapes into poetry.

At the center of the shield of the Pertinace brand, a bunch of grapes symbolizes the richness of the territory, the essence of its lands, where each berry tells a story of patience and love. The vineyards, treated with veneration, give their fruits, ready to be transformed into fine wines.

Next to the cluster, a key, emblem of knowledge and mastery. It is the key that opens the doors of knowledge, transmitted from member to partner. An ancient knowledge made of jealously guarded secrets, of techniques handed down from generation to generation, of an art that merges with science to create liquid works of art.

Thus, the brand of the Pertinace winery is not only a symbol, but a seal of excellence, an indelible mark left on the history of the great wines of Piedmont. And while the bunch of grapes and the key shine on the shield, they testify to the eternal link between tradition and innovation, between past and future, between earth and heaven.